Why do this?

Wise words indeed so no promises but ………..


The Thinking

I am not offering up my work (or myself) for anyone to like or enjoy. I am not trying to sell stuff (or myself), convince anyone of anything or change the world.

My aim is unashamedly and unapologetically self indulgent. It is to build up bit by bit a record of my creative work, random thoughts, stories, anecdotes etc., anything in fact which has informed my life as I move inexorably towards the kiss of finality. This my Autoblography.

I am an advocate of the ‘warts and all’ principle. Openess of thought, ideas and opinions and integrity and honesty when expressing them are surely fundamental obligations for all humans if we are to understand each other at more than just the survival level. So if it interests you to see more, read on but be warned, you might actually get to know me and some of my warts might offend persons of a sensitive disposition.

The Plan

I am getting on a bit, well down the incline of advanced years, or, expressed euphemistically, in physical and mental decline, or, even less euphemistically, knackered. A grand plan at this age might be considered pretentious being formulated as it is from a mere common or garden example of the species Homo sapiens of little more consequence than, say, a specimen of Buffo buffo. And so it is, just that, pretentious, who cares! There is however a serious intention and that is to record for posterity some aspects of how I have used the one chance I had to be alive, those aspects that, in my own estimation, I regard as defining and of most importance. If that is pretentious, even grandiose, so be it, being overly grandiose and pompous is me all over and therefore a most fitting characteristic of this website!

Buffu buffo

The Name

All lives are works of art. Using our faculties and through the exercise of our freedom of choice they are self created one-offs and are therefore the only truly original works of man. We, therefore, being the sum total of our choices and actions are all artists and philosophers busy on our one great work, our mortal soul, our non-corporeal self.

OPVSCVLA is the name I have given to MY work. Whatever it becomes, in the end it will have been made complete by my anihilation, finito! Spindrift Pages, this website and blog, is that part of OPVSCVLA that I have chosen to consign to the comforting vastness of cyberspace. Bon voyage!