Forts on Castling

First identify, know and understand your enemy, plan and build accordingly. Take the highest ground ensuring that it is firm, stable and offers a deep foundation.

Employ the best craftsman, concentrate on the soundness of construction, eschew unnecessary embellishment or ornamentation. Remember that your enemy will exploit any crack or fissure to lever a hole in your defences. Do not penny-pinch. Invest all the resources at your disposal.

Keep watch. Your enemies are at hand and now that you have a fine castle, envy will incline them to attack without reason or warning and they and their allies will bring cunning, ingenuity, force and enginery to bear on its destruction. Be especially careful to secure against supernatural forces. The determination of an army fed on superstition is not be underestimated.

The greatest danger comes from the enemy within. His insidious machinations will work like cancer throughout your retinue and beneath your stairs so; suspicion and doubt are your friends; take nothing for granted; demand evidence; check everything; obtain more than one opinion.

Regularly inspect your edifice. Extend, rebuild and repair as necessary. Time, nature and the advancement of castling technique will all take their toll on the soundness of your defences.

Anyone can build a castle but If you cannot, or will not, then tuck yourself under the protection of another’s, submit to their control, give up reason and freedom and hide like a disconsolate lackey behind their ramparts.

Your home must be defended. Build your castles with courage, creativity and energy.

Freedom is not for the feint hearted, the weak, the lazy or the cowardly.

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