A message for peaceniks.

We British are not a warlike people. War is not in our culture, our nature or our society anymore. We have become relatively civilised. Still a long way to go but at least we no longer prosecute religious or nationalistic ambitions through war and aggression. ISIL is the way of living for a medieval, fundamental form of Islam which is not civilised, which DOES believe in the prosecution of religious aims through acts of war, aggression and other obscenities. They believe in a religious mandate from a fictional god to commit such acts of atrocity that in the view of some even out class Hitler’s.

War against such people is an act of moral courage. War is a MORAL obligation. To not act in the interests of our selves, our children or humanity at large or to not support such actions by others is an act of moral cowardice.

I am certain that giving ISIL the apocalypse they crave is right, in fact they would agree with me, and I am proud of David Cameron that he should be providing such morally courageous leadership for Britain and trying to make the world a more civilised and safer place so that I, my children, grandchildren, my great grandchildren and the whole of humanity including Jeremy Corbyn, his family and all you peaceniks who would not lift a finger yourselves to save your families can sleep in peace and have a future.

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