A New World Heritage Site is Announced.



Sam’s Shed is now a designated World Heritage site and a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Sam’s shed is a unique part of our national and world heritage. It was constructed approximately 1955 CE and erected at 71 Westcott Place, Swindon by Percival Warwick AKA Sam. This shed is of unique importance in the Warwick cultural tradition housing the buckets and spades, sledges, roller skates, scooters and bicycles of Peter and Paul Warwick, (sons of Sam Warwick) and enough spare parts, odds and ends, offcuts and metalwork to mend all household equipment as well as the bikes. This shed in its hay-day built all the parts and wood work for the largest and most enviable model railway set in the neighborhood of Westcott Place.

It is also in this shed that free gifts rolled up in the Daily Mirror such as saw blades, files, drill bits, nuts and bolts and sundry other technical appertinances made their way from the engineer’s stock at W.D. & H.O. Wills to be stored together with a secure supply of roll-up tobacco hidden from his marauding sons. In this shed and at this very bench, his two sons were coached in the rudiments of woodwork, bogey building, making tools sharp, making ends meet, making do, making and mending and the art of one handed fag rolling.

This shed saw the construction of two wooden garages, a farmhouse, a bureau, garden furniture and many other garden artifacts and would later produce dolls beds, cots, a dollshouse, dolls furniture, wooden carts, cranes and many other toys for a growing fleet of luxury grandchildren.

In 1971 the building was dismantled and removed from Westcott Place to be successfully re-erected in Liden, Swindon where it would continue to serve 15 great grandchildren and their recreational needs as well as storing the flotsam and jetsum of everyday life. It was also used to reduce waste output from the cigarette factory by receiving quantities of metal sheet masquerading as a pennyworth of scrap along with trolley loads of tobacco crates. Indeed the green movement and the very concept of leading a low carbon existence was born here in this very shed where Sam first invented his antidote to the throw-away society, a principle he lived by for the whole of his life by collecting the re-usuable from everywhere and never throwing any of it away.

It is now in the hands of a new owner and is preserved for the benefit of the nation due to the wide range of life forms which it supports and for its unique contribution to the world’s cultural heritage and for translating the bunker spirit into the modern concept of eco-friendly recycling.

Please enjoy this unique building for as long as it continues to stand and breathe deeply of Sam’s love for life, for his home and for his family which lives in every nook and cranny with the wildlife.

Sam’s Shed Preservation Society

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