In a few days time we British will make our choice  and I will be voting to REMAIN IN THE EU.

I am not writing to persuade anyone they should vote to remain. That would be a pointless waste of energy. Brexiteers are unlikely to even read this let alone change their minds. They are (no offence intended to my good friends, and I mean, in general terms they are) guilty of a sublime bigotry which allows them to accept all Brexit propaganda as truth and to dismiss every contrary expert opinion, business leader, professor etc as well as the combined opinions of the vaste majority of our elected MPS.  Such as they will cling to their irrational views and not be persuaded by any argument or debate however reasonable.

This is an historic event. It will profoundly affect future generations whether it be in or out. I will have it on record what my views are today knowing that I will need to be reminded one day why I voted to stay in Europe.

Unfortunately for us Brits and because of this context the counter arguments on the political and public stage are equally problematic and emotional and in some cases equally bigoted and hypocritical.

So a secondary reason for writing is to encourage those who are undecided to look beyond the hype and propaganda (especially on social media) and to broaden their perspective.

If you do read this, thank you, please like and share it, I hope you have found it to be thoughtful, reasonable and factually correct, possibly a little humerous. Whether or not it influences you is less important to me than that you find this piece sincere.


I LIKE IT JUST AS IT IS, thanks. Now that is not intended to be trite. I am serious.

I do not, I will not, I refuse to harbour any hate, jealousy or intolerance for any other human being , period.

Hate only hurts the hater, jealousy is negative and destructive and I do not hold myself to be better than or superior to any other human being of any culture or creed on the planet. I am an incorrigible optimist, love people and not only do I not fear other cultures and religions they interest, even fascinate me.

I am to a degree biased towards tolerance since I have travelled all over Europe and many other parts of the World and worked with all sorts of people, eaten their foods, drank and socialised and  had a very rewarding and informed career in other countries as well as my own. I have many friends and contacts in Europe and elsewhere at different levels of society. I am proud of the various ethnic connections in my direct and extended family which includes Italian, Greek, German, Canadian, New Zealanders, Australians, Indian and Guyanese. Indeed my Grandfather served in India in the Raj and three of my aunts/uncles were born there.  I served my engineering apprenticeship with a Pakistani engineer and studied cooking with a Punjabi Chef. I was thrilled by the craftsmanship of the Romanian who restored my wooden flooring and with the Polish craftsman who restored some of my old furniture. I was very much more pleased with the Latvian nurse, Alexis, who saved my life, the Spanish and Scottish doctors who alone out of 32 attempts could get a canula in my swollen body, the Chinese nurse who came out at 2am new years eve from 20 miles away just to connect a dose of antibiotics to the line in my neck and the Polish nurse who tended me through my pain and delirium during those long dark nights in hospital.

In short I feel myself to be a European, I have met and depended on nothing but kind and caring people from other parts of europe. I can also say that I have met many bad and some extremely bad, people in my time and ALL of them were white and British.

So lets examine my arguments for remaining in Europe and then we will take a look at the arguments being rehearsed in public by the politicians.


Outside of the EU we will gravitate towards the USA by way of political direction. The social influences on our young people are essentially American. Films, sitcoms, music, language, street culture, fast foods, all American. Listen to young kids playing pretend games. As young as 4 years old they play in an American accent. Its alarming. We already have a record of following the USA on the world stage. Wars and trade we largely conduct on America’s terms, our security and political links would be reinforced by an exit from the EU.

This will be of necessity. Global politics is currently played out by four main blocks of influence, USA, Russia, China and the European Union. We are currently “at the top table” in some political arenas only because we have American support AND we are in the EU. Outside of the EU we would lose all global credibility, gravitate politically towards the USA and over time lose our global influence. In that process Europe will become weaker, possibly smaller and global affairs will largely by dictated by Russia, USA and China. We will be weakened as a result especially in international trade. We will not have enough advantages on our side.

I ask myself what kind of blind arrogance makes people expect that we can recreate the power and influence of the days of empire in today’s world all on our own. Of course we cannot. In any case I also ask myself if I want those days back. I asked myself was Britain really great? Here is a summary of notes I made as Facebook status’s.

Why Britain is Great No. 1.

Look at our NHS. Staffed from top to bottom by immigrant workers to look after us British. Britain is great!

Why Britain is Great No. 2

In Britain you find streets of fast food shops, none of which are British unless you only eat fish and chips. The rest are horrible, Chinese, Indian, Brazilian, Mexican, Italian, Nepalese, Thai. Yes British food is Great too.

Why Britain is Great. No. 3

We take care of our elderly. Well we pay immigrant workers to look after our elderly so that we can holiday in another country other than Britain. Yes, Britain is Great indeed!

Why Britain is Great No. 4.

We can go and do war and battles and fighting and other manly stuff in other countries unlike pissy little countries who have to keep their noses out and stay peaceful. Britain is Great!

Why Britain is Great No. 5

Jobseekers and housing allowance is so generous we can go up the pub instead of working,  get pissed up, skin up and show off our latest body piercings while roundly abusing immigrants knowing they will still look after us when we get ill. Britain is great!

And some historical thoughts:-

Why Britain is Great No. 6

Getting the Chinese hooked on opium to make more profit from the spice and slave trade! Now that was clever. And when they objected we massacred lots of them to show we meant business and were as usual in the right. That showed them how great we Brits were!

Why Britain is great No. 7.

Because we saved all those valuable ancient artefacts for the future by plundering Greece, Rome and especially the middle east of their antiquities and put them on display in our museums for Brits to gawp at and for tourist attractions. Forward thinking too, we would not want them to get damaged  when we need to bomb them again would we?

Why Britain is Great No. 8

We took what few potatoes were left during the Irish Potato famine out of the country for profit. But never mind, the impoverished Irish came to Britain for cheap labour and helped make Britain even Greater.

Why Britain is Great No. 9

We sent our missionaries abroad to civilise natives so that they too could hate other religions like us and so that their children too could be abused. How Great is that!

Why Britain is Great No. 10

We are a democracy. That’s why. So we have a Tory government voted for by only a third of the country. Britain is Great.

Why Britain is great No. 11

None of us are corrupt. We do not avoid paying tax and we pay it on time. None of us claims a benefit we are not entitled to. MPs claim just enough expenses to cover their work; bankers get bonuses they deserve; private education confers no special privileges; nepotism is unheard of; no-one gets kickbacks or bribes; we are so good we must be truly Great!

Why Britain is Great No. 12

Instead of buying Brazilian Rubber and helping THEIR economy to thrive we stole their seeds and took them to our colonies where we could exploit the native workers and make cheap rubber for OUR economy to thrive.

Why Britain is Great No. 13

The British Empire was the greatest empire there has ever been. So great that it still survives to this day and all the natives we subjugated and exploited love us. They say we are truly Great masters.

Why Britain is Great No. 14

Its so great in Great Britain that in the last 10 years 4 million brits left to work abroad and at any one time 7.5 % of our countrymen are not working in our country. They do this so that they can inform and show Johnny foreigner how great we are whilst taking their jobs.

Why Britain is Great No. 15

We are so thoughtful. For example the majority of claimants in the job seekers queue are white British. That’s because we are kindly making all the menial jobs free for immigrants to do. In any case who wants to work a night shift in the NHS when the pubs are open?

Why Britain is Great No. 16

We are also so self sufficient. We don’t need French wine. We grow plenty of our own high quality wines on a field somewhere near Cirencester. And BMW’s, Audi’s, Mercedes, Citroen, Renault, Peugeot, pah! Not a patch on British cars. And as everyone knows we make the best salami, the best brie and grow all our own fruit, veg and spices because we are Great!

Why Britain is Great No. 17

Remember the good old days. Wasn’t it great being able to make the working class work as long as we wanted making Britain Greater!

Why Britain is Great No. 18

Remember when we were powerful? We sorted out the Zulus right enough and gave them Apartheid. Great or what?

Why Britain is Great No. 19

We create jobs for our Brits by selling arms to the most repressive country in the Middle East. The Saudi’s love us. They think we’re great too.

Why Britain is Great No. 20

Ah the good old days when it was so much easier to work things out in shops. When 240 pennies made a pound, and 12 made a shilling and a hundred weight of spuds was 4 and 7 pence ‘apenny. It was great then.

Why Britain is Great No. 21.

We pretend we are a democracy so that we can retain our beloved feudal elite who maintain their power by owning most of everything, giving jobs to each other and generally crawling up each others arseholes. They make obeisance to an unelected, privileged family of German decent with some inter breeding issues, relationship issues and some unsavoury connections. Some of them supported Germany in both world wars. There is a king in waiting who meddles in politics, openly supports quack discredited fake medicine and does organic farming to make money from the gullible middle classes and tree huggers rather than feed the oicks. But we love our pretend democracy, it’s Great.

Why Britain is Great No. 22

We have a fantastic NHS! I have to be fair. They only tried to kill me once and it was great fun in that wheelchair for a month, enjoyed that better than anything. Cant blame them for making the most of an appendix problem can we. Students have to learn from practical work on the real peritonitis. And surely no-one is to blame for not giving me post op antibiotics for 30 hours. They must have been overworked poor souls and it was Christmas!
And sending my mum home with a new pacemaker without the beta blockers they prescribed….. Well anyone can make that mistake, she was such a good patient they just wanted her back soon. They even rushed out an ambulance to give her a high speed ride back. And what a great thing it was to diagnose her last condition as terminal with a few days to go the day before Christmas then change their minds 6 weeks later when they got around to tests. It was after all only fair that the registrar got off early for his turkey and a glass of port before his boxing day round of golf. And I know that when Dad was sent home without a gradual reduction in steroids that his reaction and return to hospital was only because they would miss him. He too was such a lovable uncomplaining patient. Of course no one is to blame that Dad was forced home for bed-blocking to live on his own with his dementia and weak heart. How dare he bed block. Better he has another heart attack then it’s the problem of another department. And in any case he could enjoy being back in his own home for those 16 hours for one last time. Yes indeed, our NHS is the pride of the nation. Britain is Great!

Why Britain is Great No. 23

Britain managed to keep a little bit of empire. We kept a few small islands, gave them special deregulated financial status so that important people could bury their treasure on a real island and avoid paying tax like a bunch of pirates.

Why Britain is Great No. 24

As I was saying earlier, in our country the party in power needs less than a third of our votes. We have an unelected Monarch of German decent and a meddling nutcase in line to be next. And to make sure the oicks can’t do anything to influence the country we run an elite and secretive civil service that is expensive, inefficient and staffed by the establishment. We even massacred some picks at Peterloo to stop them getting the vote back in the 19th century. Luckily for those Mancunians we didn’t kill more than the seventeen or seriously injure more than the 500. Yes we made Britain Great alright. We kept the rabble out of government for another 80 years and women until the 20th century so we could run the Empire and exploit foreigners using only upright gentlemen of substance.

Why Britain is Great No. 25.

We are so logical and reasonable. A socialist chancellor introduced taxation on pension funds and abolished the 10% tax thresholds thereby making pensioners and the low paid contribute more. Also the same chancellor introduced a working tax credit system which would not only lower pay rates for everyone but would introduce a marginal tax rate on the poor of 72% thus trapping them on benefits. And how attractive is that for immigrants? Lots of immigrants working tax credits and low pay keeps inflation down and protects the rich mans assets. Socialism at it best and only in Great Britain.

Why Britain is Great No. 26

Yes, you saw it here first. Only recently did the “we’re all in it together” party attempt to lower benefits for the disabled in the SAME budget that decreased taxes for the wealthy. Now that is entirely reasonable, logical and definitely not stupid, not us. We are Great in Britain.


But possibly could be if we stay in Europe.

Why I am a REMAINIAN. No 1

I like it here in Europe. Britain is not great, never has been. Britain used to be a nation of arrogant, haughty, self-righteous, pompous, largely miserable, complaining hypocrites. Staid, traditional and unable to change. Johnny foreigner was not be trusted, only an Englishman was as good as his word. Inhabitants of hot countries were largely uncivilised, barbaric heathens useful only as servants and slaves or wholesale exploitation which Britain proved itself very good at. Britain only reluctantly gave a voice to it’s people as of right and the church and state made sure that everyone was held back and nothing ever changed. The Conservative landowning classes owned us all (even when other parties had power in Parliament a feudal elite kept their control of industry, farming and the state machinery of government) and made certain it stayed that way. They didn’t need immigrant labour because ordinary people did as they were told out of fear for their lives or of losing their homes for as little as the wealthy elite could get away with .  

Unfortunately nothing much has changed beneath the surface in Britain. Being in Europe however is gradually delivering a better life for us all despite the fact that those who believe they own us are trying to stop it. Working hours directives, safety and consumer legislation, standards agencies, scientific cooperation, joint business ventures, space exploration, marriage equality, gender issues, freedom from supernatural beliefs controlling our lives, human rights law. There is a huge range of benefits to us all as ordinary citizens that would not have happened had those with a vested interest in preserving the status quo had their way. Even now, those who want us out would like to roll back the clock on a lot of our benefits in these areas.

Being in Europe has ensured moderate politics, a more accountable establishment at home and social improvements. I hope for example that BHS employees vote to a man to remain because it’s only EU legislation that has protected their pension NOT British law.

It’s not perfect by any means, but in the EU we have a chance to play a significant part, a chance to benefit global politics and not leave it up to USA, Russia and China and a chance to prevent this country going backwards to the bad old days.

The European project was started to ensure that conflict would never trouble our continent again from within. It is still a work in progress and I shall stick with it.

I am a Remainian and proud of it.

Why I am a REMAINIAN No. 2

Because Brexit campaigners are lying about the costs. The actual costs of EU membership is exceptional value for money.

Some elementary maths for you:-

Weekly EU bill = £350M
Less British rebate = £100M
Total cash paid to EU = £250M
less farm and regional subsidies paid back (£100M)
Total actual COST of EU = £150M a week.

Okay so far?

Cost of extracting ourselves from EU institutions, increased border controls, cost of making new trade deals, cost of new standards and other agency personnel, import tax controllers, postal services, NHS staff replacement etc etc LOADS OF MONEY. Significantly more than a measly £150M a week. To put that into perspective last years annual NHS budget alone was £116.41B. Yes! Billion. Still persuaded by the Brexit lies? Think about it. Don’t take long because it’s nearly the 23rd. Remember that Brexit will COST you bigtime. In taxation or cost of stuff. VOTE REMAIN.

Why I am a REMAINIAN No. 3

Simples, Nigel Farage is a God fearing, racist and rampant self-serving egotist. I stand against him and everything he represents.

Why I am a REMAINIAN No. 4

It will be European law that preserves the majority of the pensions for BHS employees not British law.

Why I am a REMAINIAN No. 5

The EU working hours directive.

Working Conditions

Why I am a REMAINIAN No.6

A great deal of good stuff in here. Ask a Brexiteer how many European directives he actually disagrees with and you will usually get the right of free movement. Bollocks! Here is a list of directives. Find one you don’t like.

And Britain along with Ireland are both excluded from the Schengen agreement meaning both countries retain FULL border control, irrevocably, in or out nothing changes. Passports please!


Why I am a REMAINIAN No. 7

Because of our democratic rights. We elect our government. Some 470 of them would vote to remain, some 150 ish would vote to leave the EU. If there was a vote in Parliament, our democratically elected government would vote REMAIN overwhelmingly.

Think about. Take as long as you want.

Why I am a REMAINIAN No. 8

More of the Tim Tim nice but dim than a hurray Henry


The privileged classes are in it for themselves and not the good of the country. If they want it then it MUST be bad for us.

Why I am a REMAINIAN No. 9

I do not hate anyone or anything I am jealous of no-one. I am not xenophobic. I never have and never will hold any of these destructive emotions and fears. They only harm their possessor, they are the Initiators of war and conflict, tribalism religious strife and above all nationalism. I deny the desirability of all these differentiators and embrace the splendid, powerful and genetic variation amongst examples of my species of animal, Homo sapiens. My responsibility is to my species as a whole and it’s future. I do not fear immigrants or immigration and when my government has been bombing the fuck out of other countries I will not deny the innocent victims of my countries own actions refuge. That is grossly immoral, obscene and bankrupt of all justification regardless of the cost to the bombers.

Why I am a REMAINIAN No. 10

I condemn religious extremism of all sorts. Indeed I condemn religions generally. Religion is the greatest evil to have ever beset my species. However I have no fear or concerns that religion will ever again dominate the earth. Islamisation will not, cannot happen. The idea that it might is largely due to Christians whipping up Islamophobia. The latest data shows that people with no faith are the largest proportion of Britains. More now than all the Christians and growing. Religion generally is in terminal decline, church going at an all time low. It’s the same in the Islamic world. They fear the growth of Atheism above all else but it grows rapidly. Simply they are 400 years behind us. IS now is a symptomatic reaction of this “Renaissance” in the Islamic world. The growth of conflict between Shi’ite and Sunni Islam is another sign. The reality is that Islamisation is NOT going to happen. Islamophobia is IRRATIONAL. We are embroiled in this “enlightenment” process only because we can’t keep our noses out and leave Islamists to civilise amongst themselves. This is Christianity at work behind the scenes in the UK. Europe has shown itself to be ahead of the world in areas such as marriage equality, lgbt rights, women’s equality, secularisation and freedom from religion and that is a very good reason to be a REMAINIAN.

Why I am a REMAINIAN No. 11

I do not want it to be possible for Tesco to import Polish Cumberland Sausage, French Stilton, Irish Wensleydale or Hungarian Scotch Whiskey. There are 73 regional foods protected by EU law. Let’s keep our great British Culture and vote REMAIN on 23rd.

Why I am a REMAINIAN No. 12

Leaving the EU is going to cost me big time and cost ALL of you big time. It’s not going to effect Boris, IDS or Gove one iota or worry the other wealthy, land owning, religious, xenophobic, homophobic little Islanders that constitute most of the Tory MPs who want out. It matters not a whit if the financial pain is short term, at nearly 70 I am short term. Pain is pain but this pain is not necessary, especially if Boris doesn’t get any. I am a REMAINIAN and long may we REMAIN.

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