Calling Dr. Google!

There turned out to be a very good reason to be less optimistic than I have been about my state of health but the fight back continues. I do not recommend Celiac disease except to say that on the right diet it can be put behind you. Celiac disease is a genetic condition and as of writing could, in my case after tests, turn out to be a non-genetic form called non-celiac gluten sensitivity NCGS. The symptoms are identical, both are caused by responses of the auto-immune system to gluten but through different mechanisms. It appears to have been kick started by the extensive re-working of my alimentary plumbing back in 2011. Five years later after being diagnosed and treated for acid reflux, lactose intolerance, hyperuricaemia, skin irritation, vitamin B12 deficiency and after much discomfort, distress, inconvenience (and a few other unsavoury developments) together with two nervous breakdowns the NHS is finally on the case. However this did not happen until I had myself joined up the writing, dotted the I’s, crossed the T’s and diagnosed myself with the help of a timely TV program and Dr. Google.

It should be plainly obvious and acknowledged  just how much society owes to internet innovators most of whom did not start out deliberately to accumulate the “filthy lucre” but did so with the single minded and inspiring aspiration just to fulfil their big ideas and go wherever they led.

Long may they continue to do so. I toast their health and thank them heartily for my ability to check my doctor’s diagnosis or to make one of my own: for my ability to hold others to account for the veracity of their claims, especially the government: to solve life’s problems on the hoof: to discover where the hell I am and where I go next: to be as well informed as the next man and to carry these resources about with me, possessed of the ultimate survival aid and no longer in fear of old age. Alzheimer’s! Pfffft. With Dr. Google I am invincible.

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