Working Back

Reflections on OPVSCVLA

A little painted and written work intended eventually for Blue In Green sketched from the garden of our holiday cottage in Gargrave, Yorkshire in June 2017 and completed today.

Working Back

Ponderously as an eloquence of partridge
Churr crepuscular strutting stuff
Out of quiescent landscape
Punctuated by the scrunch of cud
And waders wavering late
On the terminal wings of a Yorkshire day
Timelessness wakes subversively
Amongst the green extended shadows
Where incomplete or indifferent arrivals fade
Like those last airy thoughts of the dear departed dissolve
At the lip of their still open grave.

Behinds are behind
Only aheads are possible
But none are planned
And any idea of salvation at the clockface
Grows obscene in its futility
Here in this fortress of non-transcience
We can wax supreme
Keeping appointments with self
Confirming our summation’s finality.

The Nook, Gargrave, Yorkshire, June 14th 2017