Pebble Power

For your delectation here is the latest update to my work “Blue in Green”. This accompanying artwork has been produced using The “Gimp”, an open source graphics software program.

Pebble Power
Stone of the universe
Cobbled and dashed
Lying here palmed
Fleshed in my pulse
Affectingly inert
Intricately inanimate
Silent of false hope
And empty like eternity.

We engage intimately in sense data
Yielding mutual revelations
And evaluating our worth
The severity of each other
Our insignificance
Relishing our nakedness
And lack of point.

A monstrous and ancient thing
Hides here in near permanence
Rigid with substance
Energised with potency
Existing at large with the rest of us
In this space/time conundrum
Where we both are just sorts of stuff
Made massive by thought alone
Suspended in being
Simultaneously as permanent and imaginary
As beasts in stones.