Ordnance of the Mind – for 2019

Ordnance of the Mind

I deploy an ordnance of the mind to counter the adversaries of yours

(That is all of the several yours behind me and the yours to come)

They are hereby nullified and rendered insubstantial.


I take the one love and the one life that are mine and I glorify them

But in the near term I see there is potentiality

Which I extol likewise as I praise the as yet undiscovered year ahead

The fielded Natural History OMG with its water thingy

The bowls of oak with their Blues in Greens

The word fountains in deafening Savernakesies of quietude

The Liddingtons of my heart forever wondered and sniffed

All woven into the unity of my painted fabric and this gravity

Pulling, pulling, ever pulling.


Dec. 31st 2018