A Bit More Blue in Green

A vast similitude interlocks all
….. and shall forever span them …… Walt Whitman, On the Beach at Night Alone

One Vast Similitude

Born out of womb warm pre-consciousness
Chipping at the boundary to existence
Brittle at term
Armed only with egg teeth for levers
Spurting promiscuously from sense grains
Spat into the countenance of a vicious reality
Universes spasm into being
And reveal our emergent selves
Urgent for being
In all their glorious arisen natures.

Go mindfully with yours
Down to the wild edge tender
Paying all due respect to the gravitas of ignorance
Down to oceans of knowing on their love lapped shores
(Being wary of gloves holding four fingered facts)
To interstices among and the force that contains them
To the places beyond and the spaces before them
(Being wary of palms under Antarctic skies
And coinage dissembling under 9 carat plate)
Go consciously imperfect and impure of thought
Contentedly aware but deliciously empty.

Go to the becoming in the deep of the here and now
For what happened happened
Is happening still
And all of this is all there is
Every least and last particle of it
Every shape and angle of it
Every height and distance of it
The movement and the pace of it
The sequence and the blink of it
The rate and the change of it
The start and the death of it
Happening forever without beginning or end.

Steal from the baseline away from the sun
Like a lover softly from his forest of doubt
And losing your path amongst smothering brilliants
Of hand sown reveries and orgies of wastage
Unblinded by knowing your one self naked
Encompass the beloved
The soul of your creating
Contiguous and one with this vast similitude.

Paul Warwick, 17th March 2019