opvscvla2I am the art making animal and this is what I have made

Simon Schama

The Small Work of a Small Hominid

This is OPVSCVLA, this is me.


My Website and Blog with contributions from my alter egos Rafe Beedeeeye and Godfree Finker at spindriftpages.co.uk/blog (a continuous project)

Written Works

Sullen – A collection of writing in a poetic style, book form (a continuous project)

71 – A collection of auto-biographical chapters, texts, tracts, essays, rants, my theories, ideas etc. on various subjects, book form (a continuous project)

Blue in Green – A book of words, images and poems contemplating the transcendent nature of timeless moments. (Work in progress)

Paintings and other Art Works

The Male Line

  • Samuel Stephen Warwick 1840-1910, oil on canvas
  • Samuel Stephen Warwick 1873-1931, oil on canvas
  • Percival Stephen Warwick 1922-2015, oil on canvas
  • Paul Stephen Warwick 1948 -?, oil on canvas, a self portrait in five parts
    • Part 1, Body, oil on canvas
    • Part 2, Soul, oil on canvas
    • Part 3, Promise, oil on canvas
    • Part 4, Shostakoviching and other Memes, oil on canvas
    • Part 5, Fucked or Fantasy, You Decide, oil on canvas
  • Samuel Paul Warwick, pencil sketch on canvas
  • Zackery Warwick, oil on canvas (not started)


  • Ragged Robin, print of original Watercolour on paper
  • Lesser Celandine, print of original Watercolour on paper
  • Red Campion, Watercolour on paper
  • Field Geranium, Watercolour on paper
  • Field Scabious, Watercolour on paper
  • Lesser Knapweed, Watercolour on paper
  • Clematis montana, Mayleen, Watercolour on paper
  • Clematis alpina, Francis Rivis, Watercolour on paper
  • Fuchsia, President George Bartlett, Watercolour on paper
  • Daffodils, Watercolour on paper
  • Fritillaria Meleagris, Watercolour on paper

Other Works

  • The ill gotten gains pot. Concept work (work in progress)
  • Cottages in Avebury, sketch in pencil (drawn at the location of my first sexual encounter)
  • The Witch of Atlas, watercolour on board, from the Witch of Atlas by Shelley (Belongs to Zoe)
  • The Post Office, Watercolour on paper, from the Post Office by Fleur Adcock
  • The Bridge Inn, Watercolour on paper, from Gaudete by Ted Hughes
  • No. 1 Hurst Road, watercolour on paper (my first adult painting and the view from our first home)
  • Wine glass with leather bound books (my first oil painting, belongs to Becky)

Wife & Family

  • Portrait of Sharon Warwick, oil on canvas
  • Sharon Warwick, Footstract, oil on canvas
  • Daisy Payne, oil on canvas, (Belongs to Zoe)
  • Jade and Paige, oil on canvas
  • Beside the Seaside, Photograph, Elsie and Charlie (to be framed)

Other oil paintings

  • Triptych, title TBD, (work in progress)

Miscellaneous “Doings”

Garden makeover starting in 2016 with pond (in progress)

House and Home with Library for me and Craft room for the wife and downstairs toilet in readiness  for inevitable decrepitude.