Natural History of My Place

These are the other animals which live with me at my place apart from the wife. As precious as she is we share our home with many other wonderful, delicate and beautiful creatures. They come and go. Some are resident, some are migratory. I try to capture them with my mobile phone camera and maybe one day will be able to do them more justice with some better equipment. This is my way of getting to know them and to give them their place in my story.

All these photographs are taken by me in the garden and have not been acquired elsewhere. I am responsible for any mis-identification, if you find a mistake please let me know. To qualify it must have had its feet on my property or have flown in my airspace which I defined as that volume of earths atmosphere extending vertically from earth’s centre and enclosed by my boundary walls and fences. As time goes on I intend to improve my images and update them. Since time as always is in limited supply I will restrict my entries here to those I have taken a photo of. I have however given below an up to date bird list.


Bird List (01/05/19)

Links to the Creatures


Odonata – Dragonflies (and Damselflies)

Diptera – True Flies

Lepidoptera – Butterflies and Moths