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These paintings of plant subjects cover a period from 1998 to approximately 2004. Fuchsia cultivation, a passion developed from my father’s interest, was the starting point. The first painting (Airedale) was completed after much encouragement for my future plans by the Bishop of Idaho visiting from the USA and holidaying after a meeting at Lambeth Palace. I met him and his wife in a guest house in Airedale Yorkshire and subsequently sent him the original around his retirement time. Two paintings, Lesser Celandine and Ragged Robin were painted on commission and remain to this day the only originals I have ever or will ever have sold. I vowed never to repeat the experience so in between the kind Bishop’s solicitous encouragement and the moral disgrace of selling part of my soul for filthy lucre I learned a great deal. This lesson was to take some time to settle in and mature but was to effect the rest of my life. There may not therefore be another painting in the botanical manner to add to these.